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Hawk Christensen, born in Norway 1987, has been playing guitar since he was eight years old and performing live since he was twelve. At sixteen he was hired for his first gig and by eighteen, music was his livelihood.
He is permanent guitarist for outlaw legend Wendel Adkins, has toured with Waylon Jennings’ former band members, and has toured extensively with his own band troughout Europe.
In 2012 he released the single and music video "Love & Hate", which quickly sold out. In 2015 Hawk released two singles; "Are You Ready For The Country" and "Waylon's Guitar". Both songs were recorded with former members of Waylon Jennings’ band, as a tribute to him.
Inspired by 70’s “outlaw country”, Hawk has created a sound all his own. With rough and jagged style, heavy bass, screaming guitars, and an electric stage presence, he delivers an outlaw show like you’ve never seen or heard before.
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